Friday, July 30, 2010

Summer Lovin'

I love this season. I love the fruits, the veggies, the farmer's markets all over the city, the walks in the woods, the sound of crickets and light from lightning bugs and feel of exposed skin in the sun (with sunscreen of course). It's all so lovely and delicious!
I'm thrilled it is the weekend. Tomorrow, I plan to sleep in a wee bit, make a trip to Target and go to Shakespeare in Clark Park with friends. Sunday is brunch with my oldest friend in the area and this little miss, below, is going to see her hairdresser. She's getting a bit shaggy!
in the cards. And I'm hoping to sneak in a photography session with Estelle. We haven't been out in a while. It might have to be somewhat stationary due to the leg but spending time together is {hopefully} in the cards. What's your weekend look like?


Jill said...

I'm needing to reorganize my weekend a bit due to sleeping in way long today (too many cocktails last night before seeing A Streetcar Named Desire at the Guthrie in Mpls :) On the list: crafting, gym, fabric store (for buttons), farmer's market, Mad Men, and hanging out with my sister and her fam tomorrow + Monday - day off! Have a great one, Stacy!

Christine said...

Happy weekend!!

This weekend I went was baby mania. We went to BabySupermart in Broomall and bought a crib and dresser. Then Target and a 1/2 off pack and play! Love a good deal :)

I hope you had a great weekend :)