Saturday, August 7, 2010

Giveaway Love

This week, I spent a little more time exploring Philadelphia and just loving life and taking care of myself. Staycation is the best! I only wish I had another week of it. In light of my staycation and my desire to do a contest on here, I'm asking you to tell me about the best staycation activity in your area. What would you do if you had one or two days completely free (and money was no object)? Think about what you'd do strictly for you.

I'm keeping the contest open until Thursday. Prizes will include some sewing stuff, a Yarn Harlot book, some lovely little lotion samples, and other stuff. Most likely there will be two winners, although it might be enough for three. I'll pick one winner with the "best staycation idea" and one or two randomly.


Dee said...

Actually, I could STAY-cation and go to DisneyWorld, Universal Studios AND SeaWorld. LOL They are all right here in town.

But, my best idea for a STAY-cation would be during the spring. If I had one or two days, I'd do one at a spring training game in Lakeland (Detroit Tigers) and one day taking an airboat ride along the Kissimmee River to see the "real" Florida.

OR if I took my vacation in the fall -- change the ball game for a football game in Tampa and keep the airboat ride, but put it on the St. John's River to watch the manatees.

Christine said...

Oh fun! Sign me up for the contest! A few years ago we did a 4 day staycation where we went to Lancaster a day and did Ephrata's Green Dragon Market(I highly recommend going, but its only open on Fridays) and we also went to Intercourse. Then we did the Mutter's museum (all medical oddities), the Franklin Institute and the Camden Aquarium. So fun! I have to say though, but favorite staycation was just this spring. I couldn't take much time off from work since I'm saving up for maternity leave, so we did a long weekend. We did projects around the house to prepare for the baby. Nesting was the best staycation of them all ;)

Kitten With a Whiplash said...

October should be the beginning of Summer here in San Francisco, and I plan to have the whole month off, bus pass at the ready. On the list is the newly modernized CA Hall of Sciences in GG Park, which is adjacent to the DeYoung museum and Japanese Tea Garden. There's the Zoo, the SF MOMA, Fisherman's Wharf, Coit Tower, GG Bridge. A whole month in SF! All the touristy stuff, plus the culture stuff, plus a little shopping, plus at least a thousand pics for the blog, plus I shouldn't get lost too often, being a 50+ year old native!

Iron Needles said...

Living snug up next to the Rockies, and a hour from Rocky Mountain National Park, that's a no brainer for where I live. And I am not even including the Denver area!

Maria Rose said...

I would
~Spend time with my family.
~ Take a long hike with plenty of photo breaks.
~ Paint.
~ Take a looong bath with a good book.
~ Sew

One Sheep said...

I'd love to have a stay-cation, if everyone else was on a go-cation.

Lucy, this is Ethel. How's every little thing? Oh. Really? Well. Listen honey, you're gonna have trick Ricky into letting you be in the show all by yourself this time. This week, the only wool Big Ethel is pulling is some BFL roving, and it ain't getting pulled over Ricky's eyes. I won't be able to babysit Little Ricky either. In fact Fred's going to be bringing him home right now. I love the little tyke, but he's driving me Babaloo-ney. Talk to you later... about a week should do it.

Fred, when you drop Little Ricky off at the Ricardo's, stay there...
about a week should do it.

Now, where did I put that box set of Avengers - The Mrs. Peel 17 DVD Megaset? Ah, here they are... about a week should do it.

ikkinlala said...

I'd go hiking, float down the river, and cook myself an amazing meal with some local foods and wine.

anne said...

My staycation would be to walk around the city of Sydney NSW Australia and enjoy the harbour, the old style buildings, the Opera House and the rocks.