Sunday, August 22, 2010

My Sunday in Photos

It rained first thing this morning and in fact, throughout the day.
Rosy and I hung out around the house a bit and she pretended to be a lion.
Eventually I wandered out and went to Morris Arboretum. I walked through the flower garden admiring the variety of beautiful flowers.
And sat on my favorite bench under the willow, journaling and reading.
Wandered a bit more and visited the small log cabin. Right about then, it started to rain again. I slowly, deliciously, made my way back to the car enjoying the delight of warm weather rain along the way.
And I came home, walked Rosy, visited with my neighbor and came home to make more tomato basil soup.



Dee said...

I love the area around the log cabin. What a restful place to put your thoughts back in order.

Mmmmmmmm...tomato basil sounds wonderful!

Laura said...

Nice photos! Looks like you are enjoying the new camera. :-)