Friday, January 14, 2011

Dear Etsy, I'm Yours!

I've been working crazy hours and surfing Etsy during my down time in the office. It's a lovely, lethal combination. My new loves are:

:: This pincushion. Oh, how lovely it would look on my sewing table.

:: These lovely earrings. Seriously, a must have at some point!

:: I might have to get these printing blocks for my apartment. Perfect for Valentine's Day!

:: I want this for my kitchen.

:: This clutch? Yes please!

:: So perfect for Rosy dog! Because hedgehogs are (clearly) her favorite.

:: Is this not the coolest wedding "guest book" ever?

:: I have no idea what I'd do with this but it reminds me of home....

:: Brilliant pretty colors. Yum. I love this photography.

And then my friends Alissa and Laura's shops.... really just beautiful stuff. Oh Etsy, how I adore you....


Laura said...

I heart Etsy too! Just bought a pattern that I don't *need* but *WANT*! ;)

Thanks for the plug for my shop! Love you! xo

Kara said...

Oh yes. Etsy is evil. Delightful, cannot live without evil.

Nice picks!

Wendy said...

Well, this is what I get for "shopping" the blogs of the 365 group! Temptation!!! ha. (You like nice stuff.)