Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Resettling into Life

February, and really much of this spring semester, has been a bit of a rush. Life has circled and circled around me providing happiness, tears, memories, delights, sorrows and journeys. And now, as we approach the close of another month and in fact season, I'm finally able to put both feet back on to the ground. I'm thinking big thoughts - for life, for my relationships, for my life's work. I'm reflecting on where I am and where I'm going. I'm looking forward to spring - both the season and the energy. I'm eager to not travel but stay put and enjoy the home I have made. As life gets a bit quieter, I'm hoping to re-engage myself in creative pursuits. I want to get back into the woods, enjoying the hum of nature. I want to experiment, finding new favorite recipes and other favorites to make my life richer. More than anything, I want to appreciate what makes me happy.

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Anonymous said...

Spring is the perfect time to refresh! Hope you find JUST what you are looking for. :-)