Monday, March 28, 2011

Sunshine and Apples, Oh My!

It doesn't really feel like spring is here... at least not when you wake up to below freezing temperatures. We had one teaser of a day - sunny and 70 degrees a couple of Fridays ago. I'm hoping April will yield more warm and sunny weather. Or rainy if it means wearing my rain boots. I'm equal opportunity I guess.

Thank goodness there have been lots and lots of flowers already. We had the crocuses up and blooming. Now, they have passed and we've moved to daffodils. I even got two bunches of them at Whole Foods this weekend to bring the bit of spring indoors.
Last night, I got into a creative mood. I almost cut out a bunch of blocks for a quilt. However, the kitchen roped me in instead. The two apples - varieties that are less than my favorite - were sitting on the counter begging to be used. Applesauce was simmered. The red potatoes, which had been sitting next to the apples, couldn't be outdone. And so smashed potatoes with sour cream was whipped up. Both will be a delicious compliment to the salmon and snow peas on the docket for dinner tonight.
At that point, the kitchen was over run with dirty pots so a sandwich, left from an earlier event, became dinner. But now my fridge has lots of tasty options. And maybe this week will see creativenss with fabric?

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Maria Rose said...

I am hoping to have some fun with fabric this week as well!