Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Teach Me!

I signed up to take a 3 week photography class to learn a bit more about Estelle (my fancy Rebel) and how to use her best. The class starts this week and I can hardly wait. Although I often look things up in the manual, using her bells and whistles is not second nature to me yet. In fact, I often have to look things up a second or third time because I forget how I did it the first time. I'm hoping a little instruction and some assignments will help me grow my know-how and photography skills. And just in time for the loveliness of spring!


Iron Needles said...

Good luck! It's not second nature to me YET!!! But I still enjoy it, and with digital, it's easy to delete, and doesn't cost a cent to practice.

And for me, it's all about practice.

Jill said...

hooray for learning something new - with your lens-adorned friend :) can't wait to see the fruits of your efforts!