Saturday, March 5, 2011

Trees and Other Things

Today is one of those beautiful spring-like days. It is in the high 50s F and sunny. It begged to be taken advantage of. I went for a walk in the woods with Rosy-toes. The woods in still hibernating in winter mode, with the trees still bare in their slumber. My woods is also in the process of a makeover.
They are cutting down the non-native species. And although I know they will be replacing them in time and that the chopping is for the long term good, it hurts my heart to see trees disappearing. I tried to celebrate the lives of these disappearing trees as I walked through the woods today. I look forward to seeing how the woods look as spring comes....

Speaking of, it is indeed coming. I'm seeing the start of daffodils and crocuses. Our snow has melted away completely. And today I was able to take our walk without a coat. Oh spring, how I love your promise.
What is making you celebrate today?

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Jill said...

Highlighed hair from the Aveda Institute - thank you Groupons!