Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Creativity Comes in Different Packages

341:365 Tulips by a.rosy.outlook (Stacy)
Photo by a.rosy.outlook on Flickr.

I had grandiose plans for more sewing after finishing my pouch for the bathroom. And what do you know but life has gotten in the way. Saturday was an outing with a friend and a dinner with some lovely folks, Sunday I was under the weather and Monday was another dinner out.

Luckily, I did manage to indulge my creative side with some photo taking yesterday. Rosy and I took a longer walk around the neighborhood, checking out all of the blooming going on. I took the point and shoot and used the marco setting to do a bunch of close-up on flowers. I'm loving how the photo of these tulips came out, especially the hints of orange and red below.

Tonight I have a lot to accomplish to prepare for a number of things over the rest of the week. But maybe if I'm organized, I'll sneak a little creativity in there....

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Laura said...

Beautiful photo!!