Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Etsy Loves

File this under things known about me... I adore Etsy and could spend hours pouring through the various shops. What people can do amazes me and I love the possibilities. A few current favorites are...
  • This lovely letter S. It would compliment my collection so nicely.
  • These lovely canisters which would be sewing room perfect.
  • This sign of all that is good.
  • My love for vintage-y bracelets might become legendary. Really, it seems like I can't leave a flea market without one.
  • The simplicity of this necklace (of course with an S).
  • Compared to the brilliance of this necklace, which I continue to drool over.
  • And, although I have no where to put it, I love this bench for a front hall. And do you see the map above it? And the tool box underneath? Drool again.
  • And there is a part of me that would love to hang this in the bathroom. Or maybe this one?
  • And all of the eye charts in this shop? Gaga!
Oh thank you Etsy for constant inspiration. If only my wallet could keep up!

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