Thursday, April 7, 2011

Jam. No Peanut Butter.

Last night I dusted off the old sewing machine to work on a project for the bathroom. I have absolutely no storage in there and thought a little pouch, secured to the vanity with those easy-to-remove-when-you-move hooks would be perfect for adding a little storage space. Scraps and batting in hand, I sewed. It was good to spend some time with the machine. That is, right up until she jammed. I cleaned out the jammed thread and some dust and tried again. Jam. Take part of the bottom off, dust and oil. Jam. Play with the tension. Jam. Take part of the top off, dust and oil. Jam. Retire for the night before tossing machine out the window.

It might be time for a new machine. Because although my little lovely (Who has no name. How could I not name her? Maybe that's why she jammed?) is fabulous she is also a cheapo model. And after a little tune up from my uncle, she'd be a good back up machine. So, I guess I'm accepting nominations for models in the $200 range. And until I get a new machine or magic overtakes my current one, I guess my project will languish on my kitchen table.....

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