Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Mini {Home} Break

I've been on staycation for the last few days. I had to take a couple of vacation days or risk losing them. So, I've had a few good days for errands, spring cleaning and relaxing. I had intended to sew a bit too but other things seemed to take over my schedule. The good news is my home in crazy clean, an article for an online professional publication is submitted, I've exercised and all of the laundry is clean. Oh, and I made a plethora of those bracelets from the last post.... since I'm seeing sorority sisters in a week, bracelets for everyone!

One of the side benefits of time off is that I cook more. After trips to Whole Foods, Acme and Trader Joe's, I have plenty of groceries in the house! I made this dish for dinner tonight. It's a take off of this recipe but with less oil, more garlic and added grape tomatoes.
I'd add more veggies the next time. Perhaps some snow peas or peppers?

I wish I had thought to take a bit more time this week. It's been nice to just relax and not be checking email or worrying about work. However, I have a few more vacation days coming up next week.... can't wait!

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Maria Rose said...

Sounds like a lovely time and I am all about adding more garlic to most meals!