Friday, April 22, 2011

Shopping for Patterns

I'm going to an outdoor wedding this summer. It is in June and will most likely be crazy hot. I'm thinking about potential dresses.... something attractive, pretty but not too pretty. You know, don't want to ever outshine a bride! Although I've looked on Loft and Banana Republic, I'm also contemplating making something (isn't it a joy to sew? You can make something charming and different!!). So far, the patterns I'm considering are:
  • This one by Colette. Although I think it might be too much at the natural waist. I do better with the waist slightly higher.
  • This also by Colette. I'm just not totally sold on the pattern, probably in part because of Jessica's review.
  • This pattern by Vogue. I just hate that they only have drawings.
  • And I really like this one.
Decisions, decisions.... any thoughts?


Laura said...

My vote is for one of the Colette patterns. I have 1 of her patterns and it is well made, with clear instructions. Unfortunately, my first make up of it didn't turn out so well for me because I'm not busty enough. But overall, great patterns. I like the 2 you picked out!

Jill said...

The first and the third are my faves. I know what you mean about dresses being just so. I'm not an empire waist gal - either vneck wrap or straight shift. I found 2 utterly fantastic vintage dresses at a consignment shop a few weeks ago. That early 60's simple style fits me well. Really better than what I can find new :) Good luck - can't wait to see the results!

Maria Rose said...

I liked the first and the 3rd the best. A wrap dress (the third one) is one of those designs that works well for most anyone so there could be less tweaking at the end!

gloworks said...

First & third seem to be leading. I agree. I like the last one too, but it looks difficult to do.