Friday, May 27, 2011

36 Things

I forgot to share this... before my birthday at the beginning of the month, I brainstormed some things I'd like to do/experience/happen over my next year of life. Some are relatively simple and experiences I've had before and loved. Some are stretch goals. Some are creative or financial or healthy. All will help me be a better, more confident, happy person I think. My 36 things for year 36 are....

  1. Get a facial.
  2. Find some new and exciting challenges at work.
  3. Buy a new couch.
  4. Buy myself a nice piece of jewelry.
  5. Master a new recipe.
  6. Drink more water!
  7. Save $2000 in my money market account.
  8. Watch the sun rise.
  9. Go to an amusement park.
  10. Take a vacation somewhere I’ve never been.
  11. Sew a wedding quilt for a friend getting married this year.
  12. Take the glassblowing class I keep thinking about signing up for.
  13. Write more. As part of that, blog more.
  14. Eat more salads.
  15. Work on my portrait photography.
  16. Read a book a month.
  17. Complete a handsewn project - Alabama Stitch variety.
  18. Take a circus class.
  19. Go see fireworks.
  20. Go golfing.
  21. Write the mentoring curriculum that is in my head.
  22. Develop a more regular yoga practice.
  23. Try to do a painting of some kind - on canvas.
  24. Continue my 365 project (Year 2) and focus on the skill of photography and the blessings of daily life.
  25. Find space to plant a garden and tend it.
  26. Have an empty inbox at least twice this year!
  27. Create an inspiration board somewhere at home.
  28. Make a couple of pieces of jewelry.
  29. Determine whether I want to relaunch my Etsy store.
  30. Go for a massage.
  31. Go cherry picking. And peach picking again!
  32. Send more handwritten notes in the mail.
  33. Visit DC.
  34. Visit more flea markets in search of chairs for my kitchen.
  35. Save money for Iceland trip!
  36. Continue my sad little running routine because sad running is better than no running. (Because of scoliosis I really shouldn't run. But I really love running. A happy medium will occur.)


Kara said...

What an amazing list. That is going to be one great year.

Jill said...

Love your list! I'm at the halfway mark of being 35 - I've got to kick my completion up a notch or two ;) Good luck to us - cheers!

Amanda said...

Your list looks like much fun :-) Hope you get an opportunity to check them all off of your list!

As for your scoliosis, it made me think of a blog post I read on Eating Bird Food. She has scoliosis and has found some great yoga for it (at least from what I remember of her post). The link to that page is if you're intersted