Sunday, July 3, 2011

Sometimes You Gotta Get a Bit Corny!

I went back to Johnson's Country Farm yesterday with my friend Katie. 'Tis the season for blueberries, corn and peaches. It was lovely picking weather - sunny, lovely blue sky and low humidity. Days like that on a Philadelphia summer must be taken advantage of!
I played in the corn field. After the goofing around and photo taking, I picked four ears. I had some tonight for dinner and oh, how fresh it was.
We also picked blueberries. They said there weren't a lot of ripe berries on the bushes but I beg to differ. I got a bunch of them and already mixed them with some strawberries for a little 4th of July blue and red shortbread action tomorrow. There are also a few left that I might freeze for another time!
Afterwards, we wandered around the shop on the farm grounds. I snapped a bunch of shots of some of the fruits. They are simply beautifully displayed!

I also finished day 1 and 2 of the photo challenge. Day 1 is a self portrait. I took a bunch of shots. This was the one I liked the best I think.
After taking it, I realized I had not a stitch of makeup on. And I feel pretty darn good about that!

And for my American peers, I hope you are having a Happy Independence Day weekend!


Amanda said...

I'm so jealous :-) Can't wait till I live somewhere that I can pick my own fruits and veggies at a local farm! I've never had farm fresh corn before...

Laura said...

What great photos and a nice time! :)

Maria Rose said...

Wow, you've been having a good time! Happy 4th!

Kara said...

I really need to find one of those pick your own fruit places around here. It looks so fun!

And your picture is great. What a great project.