Thursday, August 4, 2011

Eight Dollars

As I said yesterday, I visited the flea market when I was in Buffalo. Oh my, I love that flea market! I always find a little treasure to bring back to Philly with me. This time, it was a rainy day and the number of vendors was somewhat thinner than other summer dates. Luckily there was a vendor there with a table full of Pyrex. And as I walked up to look around she said, in what was simply music to my ears, "everything is $5."
I mean, that's serious goodness for cheap. And in excellent condition at that!! So, that Amish Farmers bowl so had to come to Philadelphia. After all, it matches a smaller one I have and love.

And then it was onward around the grounds looking at chairs, vintage soda crates and egg baskets. I adore those egg baskets but can't yet identify a good place for one in my home so alas, no basket for me.

Luckily, there was a great family selling jewelery. They had a number of necklaces and brooches. This little green dog just spoke.... er, barked... to me. He was marked at $4 but as soon as I walked up the grandmother of the family said she'd take a dollar off. And SOLD. He's mine.
Yes, it was a delightful time! Two wonderful treasures, eight dollars, one and a half hours of my time.... yep, I'm lucky indeed.


Maria Rose said...

Great finds and good deals!

Kara said...

I am in love with that bowl. Score!

Kitten With a Whiplash said...

I can just see that little pup running and scampering around that big bowl, hoping it's his supper! Pretty big supper for a little fella, but dogs (and The Kitten) are like that. Congrats on your new treasures, and the bargain prices.

Dee said...

I love looking through flea markets for older kitchen wares. My favorite is Fire King bowls.

Your choices are cute too though --- You can never have too much Pyrex.