Friday, August 5, 2011

In a Baking Mood

I kind of feel like baking this weekend. Which is good I guess since I need something delicious to take to my apartment complex's outdoor movie night on Saturday. I'm debating what I should make. Chocolate cupcakes? Chocolate cake? Clafoutis? Something else?
Everything I want to bake is a dessert. Ha, that's so like me I must say...

In other news, it's supposed to be in the high 80s this weekend. Since that's cooler than the 90s and 100 degree days we've had lately, I guess it's a good time to bake. Have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

Whatever is in the picture looks GOOD!

Have fun @ movie night. What movie are they showing?

Kitten With a Whiplash said...

All the wonderful summer fruits make pies and cobblers and such so tempting.