Sunday, August 28, 2011

Things to do in a Hurricane

Stock up on goods at the Wawa. Because goodness knows you need junk food.

Take an early morning walk with your dog before things start.

Love this table at 3 Potato 4.... beyond perfect!

Visit 3 Potato 4's Barn Sale in the morning before anything happens. Because every hurricane needs a well decorated home. Be sure to admire the long gorgeous farm table. And buy some stuff.

Watch In the Line of Fire on TV because hurricane coverage became too much.

Surf around Pinterest.

Have a dance party with your dog.

Make egg salad, as easy food to have on stock in case you don't have a stove to cook on.

The things I came home from the Barn Sale with... small purchases but fun little additions.

Bake cupcakes.

Clean things in your home that you have been putting off. After all, when you are trapped there, you might as well do a little cleaning....

Lust over this retreat.

Spend some time in your hallway when a tornado warning is issued.

Remind yourself of the truth in this quote.

Lament the big leak happening in your kitchen and small one in the living room. Rearrange all of your furniture to protect the sewing machine and computer.
Yum, cupcake!

Spend part of the evening with your neighbors and a bottle of red wine, laughing and marveling in the fact that you still have power.

Go to sleep when the dripping noise in the kitchen drives you batty.

Sleep well.

Wake up to a little wind and a good day in front of you. And remember, your life is good....


Jill said...

Happy to hear you're OK and made the best of it! Love your vintage finds. Re: that little building -my sister had the entire town, complete with the sack to hold all the buildings that turned into the mat with a city grid printed on one side so you could line all the buildings up. It was an "old" toy to my when I came around, but I loved playing with it :) I'm lusting after that retreat as well. And the one she's doing to Morocco in Feb 2012.

Kara said...

As far as hurricanes go, your experience sounded pretty great. Glad everything went okay!