Wednesday, October 19, 2011

It's Time for a Drive By

It's a bit of a drive by post for you today....
  • Today, I get to start this class. I'm pretty excited about getting to play with glass. It is four week long and I'm hoping to learn something new ad perhaps make a Christmas gift for someone.
  • I visited another winery this past weekend. I came home with tea infused wine. It's yummy... I can't wait to find the perfect occasion to open it.
  • My knitting is moving along. I found a glass of wine in just as nice of a compliment at a cup of chai.
  • I'm doing something super fun this coming Saturday. Photos will be forthcoming.
  • I'm really in the mood to wear sweaters. Lately, it's been about 70 degrees F here though.... hardly sweater weather. (Soon enough, I know!)
  • I bought a new car last week. I'm starting to adjust to driving something new now. (My old car was 11 years old.)
Life is good.... how's it for you?

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