Sunday, October 2, 2011

A You Pick Saturday

Yesterday was the perfect day for an outing to the farm. Apple and pumpkin picking ensued. And some goofiness. Luckily my friend Katie was a willing accomplice. We picked a bunch of Empire apples. I pretended to eat one.
I walked among the apple trees, spun in circles until I got dizzy and found the Delicious and Empires playing nicely together.
Then we boarded the hayride truck to the pumpkin patch. Oh, how I love the pumpkin patch! Many pretty orange pumpkins, big and small, just waiting for a good home. I found two little ones - one for Ted and one for me - to take home.
The pumpkin field is surrounded by sunflowers. Bright, beautiful, tall, sunny sunflowers.
It was a wonderful afternoon! I am so grateful for the sun and fun. And the picking has yielded a number of delights.... autumn decorations around the home and a yummy pie just out of my oven.