Saturday, January 14, 2012

Crafty Inspiration

Right now, I'm in my busy time at work. It's 12 hour days and not a lot of time for doing things. But in the down time, there is time for dreaming. I'm dreaming a bit about creating. My friend is due to have her baby any day (come out already little one, we want to meet you!!) and I'm thinking about making this lion for him.

As I have surfed the plethora of options on pinterest, I've been pinning Christmas things for next year. I love this button tree and really think I should make one for the holiday season 2012. Better start buying my buttons now! I also love those clothespins for holiday packages. I can only hope I'm more organized in December 2012 than I was in 2011.... because how charming would those be?
More practically, I'm contemplating some pretty pieced potholders. I've made some scrappy ones for me before but love that tea cup and know quite a few friends that would love one for their kitchen. And with getting a new car this year, I've found my same old garbage container doesn't work in this new vehicle like it did in the old. Maybe one of these little bags would be a good addition?

Lastly, my collection of corks keep growing (yay wine!) and I know that this year I want to do something crafty and fun with them. I'm not sure an initial is it but definitely something soon....

What crafty dreams have you been having?

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