Thursday, January 5, 2012

Don't Scowl, it's a Cowl!

At the very end of my long weekend, in preparation for the approaching cold front (brr, it's cold out there!!), I went rifling through the basket with scarves and mittens. I came across a scarf I made when I was first learning to knit. Yes, all of those elementary scarves are such a lovely reminder of how skills have evolved. But this particular one was also just gorgeous, lovely yarn. And so it was frogged!The same night I frogged the scarf, I cast on a cowl. Fifty some stitches, stockinette all around, twisted once to hang differently. That same night, I knit and knit. The joy of a chunky knit - I finished. Soft, pretty, complimentary to my coat... yep, I'm in love.