Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Christmas Break

Over the holiday break, my mom and I visited Longwood Gardens, outside of Philly. It's lovely at Christmas and often sells out during the holidays so I'm glad I bought tickets early. Everything was gorgeous but the point and shoot didn't capture everything as it looked. These flowers were one of the photos that really turned out perfect. I love the lights on the bush behind them kind of twinkling.
I also played nurse over the break. The manfriend got his wisdom teeth removed. He was lucky to have a really great doctor so everything went smoothly and he had minimum pain. I made chicken noodle soup just in case though. It was really quite yummy.... and probably a little better for him than the milkshakes I also pushed.
I must admit... it was chicken and turkey noodle as a bit of the leftover Christmas turkey did make its way into the crockpot.

I did a bunch of knitting over the break too. Some cowl photos coming up tomorrow!

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