Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Polly's Case

I got an iPad, named Polly (yes, I name my electronics), recently and bought a brown houndstooth case for it. Although there are plenty of coloful case out there, I was aiming for cheap when I got it. And non-splashy is kind of good. But it was just a bit too plain for me. Yesterday, since I had a little bit of time - a scarcity lately - I went through my button collection and found three small ones that won't catch on a lot of things, would look cute and coordinate nicely.
On they went! And I'm so glad I added them! It adds such a nice, low key, individualized element for my case.

Oh, and see that yarn in the corner? Yep, there has been a bit of knitting. Details coming up soon.....

1 comment:

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