Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Come On Over...

Inspired by Jadyn, I'm inviting you over....

If you came to my house....

I'd invite you to hang your coat in the front hall while my little Rosy warmly greeted you, complete with some jumping.

I'd offer you some coffee or chai tea. Or maybe some warm cider, perfect for this weird warm but not too warm weather.

I'd invite you to curl up on the couch with your warm mug. Rosy would probably stalk us a bit and then curl up on your shoes, so as to keep them warm for you.

I'd share with you my joys and tribulations at work lately. I'm working with a great group of students and love seeing them motivated and excited to make a difference. But I'm struggling with not feeling I'm personally growing like I need to. And wondering what is next....

I'd tell you a bit about the retreat we went on with the students this past weekend and how I liked what they learned but was less than pleased with my piece of the curriculum.

I'd tell you about visiting my friend's baby last week to take photos. And how cute he is and how happy I am for this family. Their happiness - and the mere vision of them in my mind - practically brings me to tears. And what an honor it was to be able to take pictures for them.

I'd tell you about my manfriend: the award he is getting from the Boy Scouts, how funny he is and how he brings such a smile to my face.

I'd share how I'm torn on what is right with my love. I love him so completely but my desire for marriage and kids is not his desire quite yet. And I don't know if I can wait too much longer. Or if he'll ever get there.

I'd tell you about dinner with my neighbors this week, how awesome they are and how much laughter was shared. I'm truly blessed to have the neighbors I do.

I'd lament my lack of crafting lately. I just haven't had the drive. And that does make me a bit sad.

I'd ask you about what is rattling around in your mind and heart. What have you been up to? What are you desiring? Struggling with?

I'd thank you for visiting and listening. And, of course, say we must do this again soon. I'd give you a hug and wave good-bye as you walked out my door.

Let's do this again sometime, okay?

Super Bowl

I had a few friends over for the Super Bowl on Sunday. It was a small but awesome gathering. I made chili and pizza, we had some wine, veggies and Doritos and my friend Kelly brought a bunch of dessert options.

I of course had to take advantage of the opportunity to do a couple of fun, super Bowl related things. I used the chalkboard in my kitchen to have everyone predict what they thought the score might be. I even managed to find a prize in the box of goodies in my front closet. Katie ended up winning, as she predicted the Giants and was closest to the final score. I also had these noisemakers left from New Year's Eve. How awesome that I had red and blue, right? Everyone was encouraged to take a noisemaker to root on their team.
If I had thought about it enough ahead of time, I also would have had a scoring sheet for commercials. Guess there is always next year, right? Overall, a great gathering to watch the game!