Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Super Bowl

I had a few friends over for the Super Bowl on Sunday. It was a small but awesome gathering. I made chili and pizza, we had some wine, veggies and Doritos and my friend Kelly brought a bunch of dessert options.

I of course had to take advantage of the opportunity to do a couple of fun, super Bowl related things. I used the chalkboard in my kitchen to have everyone predict what they thought the score might be. I even managed to find a prize in the box of goodies in my front closet. Katie ended up winning, as she predicted the Giants and was closest to the final score. I also had these noisemakers left from New Year's Eve. How awesome that I had red and blue, right? Everyone was encouraged to take a noisemaker to root on their team.
If I had thought about it enough ahead of time, I also would have had a scoring sheet for commercials. Guess there is always next year, right? Overall, a great gathering to watch the game!


Maria Rose said...

I like the commercial score sheet idea!

Anil Kumar Pal said...

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