Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring Loves

:: The blossoms on the trees - pink and white and smelling so pretty.

:: Crushing on the colored denim trend. Add rain boots and I just might swoon.

:: Daylight. More and more of it.

:: The Hunger Games. I just finished the 2nd book yesterday and started the third today.

:: A couple of good trips to the arboretum already. Seriously one of my favorite places in Philly.

:: Spring cleaning. Yes, it really is a favorite. I love cleaning things up, opening the windows and airing out the place and getting rid of clutter.

:: The return of Phillies baseball.

:: March Madness (even if the Terps weren't in it).

:: Walks in the woods by my home. I didn't do much of it this winter and it's good to be back in there!

:: My new terrarium, crafted yesterday at a class in a store by my home. Photos to come when it is no longer rainy!

:: Going to see Casablanca in the theater tonight!

1 comment:

Maria Rose said...

Sounds like a lovely spring indeed. I too love spring cleaning.