Wednesday, June 27, 2012

More Etsy Finds

I recently put together a Christmas list for my aunt.  My extended family moved our Christmas celebration to August because we're too big to comfortable fit in the house and outside celebrations in Buffalo in December are not ideal!  In putting together the list, I went through some of my Etsy favorites.  Oh goodness, there are newly listed treasures in some of the stores. Here are some new favorites:

:: This teak bowl would be awesome for salads. 

:: Love this globe.  I need to get one for the top of my entertainment center.

:: How fun is this collar for Rosy?

:: I still want an EAT sign for my kitchen (just in red!)

:: And how fun would it be to wear this arrow

:: And I love this bag.  Such fun colors and design!

:: Although truly my first bag love is this

:: And of course some Pyrex, because I love it. 

Seriously, sometimes I just need to tell myself "Self, walk away from Etsy." And then I go to Pinterest.... (just as bad!)

Happy Wednesday folks!


Maria Rose said...

Ahh etsy! Some good finds there!

Anonymous said...

I want a "read" sign really bad.