Sunday, June 24, 2012

Things To Do This Summer

:: Visit the arboretum. A lot.

:: My sorority's convention in Houston.

:: Visit an amusement park.

:: Get ice cream. Often.

:: Sew.

:: Visit Johnson's Farm for some pickings.

:: Go to the beach!!

:: Visit my local farmer's market every Saturday I'm in town.

:: Find a flea market and shop. 

:: Organize my fabric stash better

:: Try to go for a walk in the woods once each week. 

:: A trip to the art museum perhaps....

:: A self-guided walking touring on a Philly neighbor. With camera in hand of course! 

:: Love my life. Because it is truly awesome!


Maria Rose said...

Oh I think a trip to the art museum is a must...but I suppose I am a bit biased.

Anonymous said...

I am eating ice cream right now. It's the best goal!