Sunday, July 22, 2012

Been Away!

I've been away, being silly with friends, wearing crazy press-on eyeliner and being doing my hair big (as big as it cane be!).  We were in Houston, although it was for a convention so I didn't really see any of the city.  Regardless, it was a great trip with lots of friends. But then any time you get to be goofy and see friends, it's probably going to be awesome right? 

I will say I'm making good progress on painting the chairs for my kitchen.  The last one is just about done.  I am so glad I bought cherry red, as it's really popping.  I'll share photos soon, when my kitchen is put back together.

I'm also planning a small party for the Olympics opening ceremony.  I love planning events like this but goodness, I need to come up with some good "tour the world" foods to serve.  I'm thinking tacos for dinner but otherwise I'm up in the air.  Any ideas?  

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Maria Rose said...

I think taco bar is a great way to go.