Saturday, July 28, 2012


My friend Katie and I at sunset. 
 As promised, here's a little overview of my trip to Ocean City, Maryland.  We were there for 4 days.  The first full day, we spent most of our time at the beach.  Thank goodness for sun umbrellas, SPF 55 and a close Wawa for snacks!  After about 4 hours, I headed back to the condo for a bit of relaxation. We closed out the day with a swim in the pool, ice cream and trip to the bay to catch the sunset. 
Day 2 we greeted the sun on the beach!  Seriously, it was so worth getting up at 5 AM to be able to be on the beach with the sun coming up, only about 20 other people and the feel of sand beneath my feet. 
After a quick nap, we headed out to visit Assateague Island.  With a little driving around and a few short walks, we managed to see 22 horses.  They keep the herd at between 80-100 by delivering a sort of birth control hormone to the mares.  We were pretty excited to have seen about 20-25% of the horses.  I love horses so!  And I also learned that wild horses - at least among the females - have a hierarchy with one as the alpha and everyone else ranking in below. 
This pretty mare is most likely the beta of her herd according to the National Park ranger I spoke with.  
 We closed out our last full day with a trip to the boardwalk.  A bit of a walk, a little window shopping and some boardwalk food of lemonade and funnel cake = perfection. 
Boardwalk treats
I'm so grateful for the chance to get away, relax a bit, have sand between my toes and eat crab everyday.  Yep, that's blessed folks!