Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Oh July

As we approach the end of July, I’ve been awash with emotions.  The summer is half over.  My students will be returning soon for a new semester.  I’m going into my seventh year in my job and am really, really hoping for new growth experiences.  My colleague won’t be returning due to some health problems.  So much is in flux, which could be good.  But I don’t know how much will be changing about my role and I’m hoping for good, new challenges on the horizon. 

A short upcoming trip to Buffalo means time with the family.  But it never seems enough.  I guess that’s one of the challenges of living away from your hometown.  I love Philadelphia but wish there was more opportunity to spend time with those so dear.  I just need to grasp on to that time – precious moments with my mom, Rosy and me in the backyard, funny extended family members being their unique selves, and spending time with a stepfamily that is so real and genuine I feel as though they have always been part of my life. 

I have curriculum to write both for work and a volunteer job.  I really need to carve out some time in Panera to sit, listen to my music (Joshua Bell is awesome for curriculum development!) and write.  I feel like I haven’t been able to put enough time aside for this passion this summer. 

So much of my life is not changing as I would wish but I am surrounded by blessings: Strong, compassionate friends.  A loving family.  A partner I believe in and love. A happy and good dog. A job that provides a roof over my head and food on my table.  The ability to create.  Calling a city I love home.  Many reasons to smile.  Truly, my own personal kind of sunshine. 

What sunshine in lighting your world lately?

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