Thursday, August 9, 2012

Flea Market Finds: Part 135(ish)

 By now, you know I love a flea market.  Especially the one in Clarence, NY by my mom's house. (Ignore the fragment!) I'm just back from another trip to Buffalo and managed a flea market trip.  I hit pay dirt I think.  I got the above cake tray, a Christmas gift for a friend, for $15.  (Hopefully she won't lurk around the blog so it'll be a surprise!)
 I also fed my love of Pyrex with a little bowl.  This one is about 7 inches across along the top.  It's a little scratched up but not bad.  And it in such an oh so cheerful color, how could I leave it behind.  After all, it was only $5. 
 And I bought a cake plate for me.  It was also $15, at the same vendor.  I thought it would coordinate perfectly with a plate of my great-grandmother's.  It doesn't, as it's a darker green.  But they still look nice together and I'm happy for this little gem. 
And lastly, I have been looking for a globe.  I have a high entertainment center and bookcase in my living room and I thought a globe would look nice on the top of one of them.  This one - post USSR era - was only $10 and has already found it's home on the top of the bookcase.  It had to suffer through a number of "I've got the whole world..." jokes but I don't think it's any worse for the wear. 

I'm grateful for another successful flea market trip.  And also for a patient manfriend who accompanied me and didn't mind the browsing.  Great time!!