Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Ontario, It's Incredible!

That's the tagline from an old Ontario tourism commercial.  Maybe circa late 80s/early 90s?  
Anywho.... I forgot to share one other little find from my trip!  In Hammondsport, we wandered into Hammondsport Mercantile during the morning of our last day there.  What a gem!  I meandered and searched.  There was a number of delightful treasures.  I fell in love with a 1950's (ish) toy cash register.  I couldn't come up with the perfect home for it in my home so I walked away.  There was also a large collection of vintage glass bottles.  And bowls.  Yes, it was amazing.  The store is essentially a consignment store with a lovely couple operating it in their retirement.  I ended up leaving with just this map of Ontario.  I have a lot of love for Ontario.  Not only did I grow up 20 minutes away from my favorite Canadian province but my stepfamily used to vacation there on Lake Muskoka every summer.  I love a little reminder of that awesomeness.  This treasure needs a frame and then I'll find a perfect little place to make it at home!

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Maria Rose said...

Great find! I love little shops like that