Monday, September 17, 2012

Grab a Marker; Write Your Future

I started a new feature two weeks based on Tiffany's post on the Big Questions.  Here's the third one.  (You can read one and two here.)  This week's question is:

What is your mark to leave on this world? 

This is an easy and hard one.  It's easy because:
  • I'm an educator.  I work with college students each day to make an impact on their world.  Some of the good the hundreds of students I've worked with is in part because of what I have done.  
  • I try to be a good friend.  The relationships I sow hopefully enrich my friends lives.  
  • I love.  I think when you truly love, you leave a little part of you behind when you do pass.  
  • I'm creative.  When you create things - whether photos, quilts, essays or other things - you leave a mark.  

 It's hard because: 
  • I want to be a mom but don't know that it will happen.  Parenthood is the one definite mark people make on the world.  
  •  The philosopher in me wonders if one hundred years from now, who will remember me?  Will my experiences shape someone's life?  How?  Is what I'm doing enough? 
I think these doubts are good.  They spur me on.  They remind me to live fully every day.  Embrace uncertainty.  Explore. Take chances.  Bliss out on blessings.  Savor life.  Only by doing just that, will I live on forever.  

What mark will you leave behind? 

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