Monday, September 3, 2012

Monday Question

Susannah linked to this post by Tiffany on the Big Questions.  And, because I'm feeling introspective, I thought I'd give them a stab.  I'm going to try to answer one a week for the next few weeks.  Look for this as a Monday feature going forward.  Starting with the first on the list,

What makes you feel most alive? 

This question just makes so many things stream through my brain all at once! 

:: Creating, whether is it with fabric, paint, yarn, a camera or words.  Drafting curriculum for a program is powerful.  So is knitting a sweater.  I love the feeling of "I did that."

:: Connecting with family and friends.  Sharing thoughts, frustrations, life joys or simply moments.  Human connection is awe inspiring.  

:: Un-programmed time with my love.  Merely connecting without the need to shuttle off someplace or interact with anyone but him reminds me of why he is so awesome.  And how grateful I am that time and God brought him into my life.  

:: Tasting something delicious.  I do love food.  Trying a new recipe or enjoying a new food makes me taste buds dance with delight.  

:: The sight of a sunset.  I am a small speck in the universe but at that moment the world is putting on a show for (in part) my benefit. 

:: Hugs.  It goes back to the human connection.  I love a good, solid, loving hug.  

:: Sitting on a bench under my tree at the arboretum.  Nature surrounds.  I can think.  The branches of the willow envelop me.  

:: Watching Rosy roll around, play with her toys and engage with the world with great enthusiasm.  Dogs enjoy the moment.  I need to do more of that. 

Oh, there is so much more but I'm going to stop there for now.  What makes you feel alive (Freudian mistype - I almost put alove)? 

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Maria Rose said...

Great list!

I feel most alive when I am outside with my family!