Monday, September 10, 2012


Hello friends, welcome again to Question Monday.  I'm slowly answering the Big Questions on Tiffany's blog.  This week, I'm tackling question #2.  It is:

What is most sacred to you?

This question gives me pause.  The automatic answer that popped into my head.... family and friends.  And yes, that's true.  But really, it's more than that isn't it?  It's God and nature.  It's love.  It's the feel of a breeze on my skin on a warm day.  Or the sound of laughter from one of my loved ones.  It's the sound of raindrops dotting the landscape outside my window. 
 It's that belief in my gut that blessings will continue to be bestowed upon me.  It's the Golden Rule.  It's a warm hug when life feels complicated.  Or the sound of a twig breaking beneath my feet when walking in the woods with my little dog.  Really, so much of life is sacred.  Sometimes we forget just that..... 

What is sacred to you?  

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kandeland said...

great post! so many things are sacred to me...but you've really said it well...
happy september to you Stacy!
xo natalea