Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Skirting Sandy

Nothing like a hurricane to foster progress on that skirt pattern you have laying around.  It's been cut out and the bulk of it is sewn together.  I'm lacking a zipper (I think.... gotta go rooting around in my supplies to make sure I don't have a 7 inch brown one laying around) so it won't be finished today but it's pretty darn awesome. 

As for Sandy herself, I didn't have any problems. I never lost power (a small miracle since so many around me did) and the trees in the neighborhood seemed to weather the storm fairly well.  Some of them even kept their leaves!  My car looked fine although I only looked at it from afar.  And since I had power, I also managed to bake up a batch of double chocolate sea salt cookies.  Because sometimes a girl needs a cookie to get her through the storm. 
And, apparently, a girl also needs a pot of chili.  Every time we have extreme weather (though typically snow), I make a pot of chili.  It's simmering right now..... I'm looking forward to dinner tonight! 


Laura said...

Chili sounds good and your cookies look delish! Too bad we're not neighbors because I must have no less than 5,347 zippers....well, maybe not that many but I'm almost certain I have the brown 7 inch zipper you need! ;)

Brooke said...

Glad to hear you were safe and didn't have any bad weather or lost power in your area. I watch the news every chance I get and it just blows my mind that so many are still be affected. Be safe, friend!