Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Weekend Escape to Lancaster

I missed the Big Questions post yesterday as I was out of town this weekend with the manfriend and had to work late last night.  I plan to still post this week; it's just a bit delayed!

As for the trip with the manfriend, it was delightful.  We went out to Lancaster County, PA and visited the PA Renaissance Faire, some antique stores, a street festival and a brewery.  We stayed at a great little B&B named Furnace Hills. We ate good food. And bad for us food (funnel cake for dinner anyone?).  We drank some beer at Stoudt's.  We smiled a lot and celebrated two trips around the sun as a team.  Most of the antiquing yielded Christmas gifts so there will be a couple of posts about things purchased but not too much.  It was a great little getaway.

How was your weekend?

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Laura said...

Looks like a perfectly lovely weekend away! I admit that I can't wait to experience the gorgeous fall weather myself after so many years missing it!