Monday, November 26, 2012

Black Friday!

Best Black Friday shopping ever! I went to the Wexford General Store in Wexford, PA (the only Wexford in all of the US of A!).  This place is stocked with serious treasures and I just love looking around and taking them all in. 
I loved this little Christmas display.  I mean, sheeps and cute mini trees?  I'm in.  I got one of the mini trees for my house.  And I'm kind of wishing I bought two now....
Many a bowl of old ornaments were found in the store.  It is a Christmas miracle that I didn't leave with one. 
 A lovely Charlie Brown Christmas tree was decorated in one of the rooms.  I really loved how they Christmas-ed up the place!! 
 I kind of wish this Nativity family had gone home with me too.  It was $29 and just such beautiful porcelain. 
 Tons and tons of mirrors.... I wanted one of them too.  Thank goodness I keep the buying for self at a minimum at Christmas time.... I could have done serious damage otherwise! 
And this pretty little owl to guard your cookies!  Oh, how I love him! 

There were a lot of other finds too like a Ouija board, marbles, some cute little dog figurines and Ball jars galore.  I managed to just walk out with the above mentioned mini Christmas tree, a small pitcher that is on my desk to catch pens, scissors and the like and a gift for a friend for Christmas.  Less than $20 spent but a fantastic time spent browsing.  I'm quite grateful for a patient manfriend who browsed on his own and who I think may have actually had a good time! 

How was your Black Friday shopping? 

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