Tuesday, December 25, 2012


Merry Christmas to you and yours! 

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Life in Photos

I have been busy Instagramming a lot lately.  And it seems like those are sometimes my only photos.  Here's a smattering of what I've been up to. 

I've been enjoying the holiday season.  And cookie baking.  And knitting (it's a gift, shhhh....). I've been spending time with neighbors who are moving away (oh goodness, my heart can't handle another one moving!).   I've been catching up at work.  When the students are gone, I can get so much done! 
I was back at the Working Dog Center early this week for a little puppy time.  Volunteering with puppies is the best thing ever.  I've also been able to use the bit of quiet at work to catch up with some friends from other offices on campus.  Lunchtime chats are the best! 
 And enjoying some treats left by my two colleagues.  Seriously, they are the sweetest! 
 Because what girl doesn't like flowers on her desk?  (Not this one in case you are wondering!) 
And last weekend I exchanged Christmas gifts with my good friend Katie.  I got this great keychain with a map of my adopted hometown, Philadelphia! 

Today, my mom arrives for the holiday.  I'm looking forward to time with her and a visit to see the Philadelphia Orchestra and some antique shopping.  Yes, 2012 is coming to a glorious closure! 

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Some Rambling Thoughts...

By now, the whole world has mourned the school shooting in Newtown, CT.  There really are no words to describe the horror, the heartbreak, the sadness the permeates everything in this story.  I have been actively trying to avoid the news because it is just too much for me.  This hits a little too close to home.  I used to live in the community next to Newtown.  I still have friends there.  Their kid's schools were on lockdown Friday.  Thankfully, their kids are fine.  But so many peoples lives are forever changed in a devastating way.  What words can you offer?  The grief is palpable for people not at all connected to Newtown. 

There is also a part of me that questions whether I want to have kids.  I can't imagine the overwhelming heartbreak these parents must be experiencing.  It brings me to tears, quite literally, every time I think about it.  The dreams they had for their children have been ripped from them.  And now, in the midst of a holiday season, they are planning a funeral.  Could I handle that?  Yes, I've survived a lot of emotional things and I'm sure I could.  But the trauma, the sadness.... I just can't fathom how I would survive. 

I guess the message is to hug someone closer.  Tell your loved ones how important they are to you.  We never know what is around the next bend in the road....

Friday, December 7, 2012

Gifts and Puppies

Yeah, that definitely makes a good week.  Really, what's better than gifts and puppies?  I'm pretty sure nothing.
 It's been a busy week at work!  TGIF.  I've had a number of crisis, small and larger, to handle this week.  And I've had a number of good, fun student interactions.  I'm grateful for the last week of classes and the inevitable slow down that comes after it.  Next week holds reading days and exams, a time where everyone is more focused and fewer people are getting into trouble. 

This week was also my student group's Secret Santa/whatever gift exchange.  The council president used an internet program to draw names for everyone and I was lucky enough to draw her.  I found a great bracelet on sale at Loft.  It seemed just about perfect for her and as luck would have it, she loved it.  My package, above, of course needed a little flourish, and that feather ornament was perfect.  Gosh, I love a pretty package! 

My Secret Santa rocked too.  I listed some suggestions on the online site.  I've been wanting Crazy Stupid Love.  It's one of those movies I know I'll watch a number of times.... cute, funny and Ryan Gosling.  Plus, a great color of nail polish?  Awesome! 
 I did manage to find time to go see the pups at the Working Dog Center this week.  Gosh, they make any day better!  I got to watch a search and then walk a bunch of the little loves.  Throw in a few tug of war sessions and life is grand. 
I'm looking forward to the weekend and some good learning next week.  And hopefully some Christmas card writing soon too! 

How was your week?