Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Hitting Refresh

Image retrieved from Google Images, 12/31/13
 I'm hitting refresh on the blog for 2014.  I know I have been absent for quite a while.  Life has been evolving - with many blessings and challenges - during that time period.  And I just haven't had the ability or time or energy or something to keep up with blogging.  I'm hoping for 2014 that will change.  As will the format and thrust of this blog.  I started A Rosy Outlook as a crafting blog.  And life and circumstances have led me away for crafting right now.  My home doesn't have the space for daily creating.  And anyway, I'm creating a home and life with my love.  For 2014, I'm hoping to chronicle some of that but also the creation of life we have going on.  Yes, 2014 will bring us a son.  We're so looking forward to meeting our little one this coming March (God willing) and introducing him to the wonderful family and friends we have in our life.  And 2014 will bring us a wedding.  My love and I are set to marry this coming May just outside my hometown of Buffalo, NY.  Wedding planning is underway with many of the big things taken care of.  Now, we can focus on the details - my favorite part of event planning anyhow.  Many joys and much to chronicle.  I hope to share this incredible journey I've been blessed with as we move into this new year....

Sunday, March 10, 2013


OCMD last summer - my photo, my words.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Spring Table Happiness

I finished a new table runner for my kitchen. This came together fast! I tied it rather than quilting it, which turned out to be the perfect compliment for these fabrics. I really enjoyed putting it together - easy, fast and I like how the fabrics look together. Goodness knows I didn't need a new table runner but this will definitely get heavy rotation!

Now, on to a table runner for a friend's wedding.... Shhh!!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Loving Life

Yep, that's what I'm doing!!  This has been a busy month with a few work related trips and some general fun.  

:: A trip for work that afforded me the chance to visit my stepsister in Pittsburgh.   It's always to good to spend time with family.  

:: Taxes filed.  I know this wouldn't qualify as "loving life" for some but I do so enjoy getting this responsibility done early and filed. 

:: A trip to one of my favorite conferences with a great colleague and some awesome students.  

:: Valentine's Day with my love.

:: Brunch with my good friend Pam.  She's good for keeping my head on straight.  Plus, brunch was Crab Cakes Benedict.  Yum!  

:: A lovely gift from my students.... a bracelet that shines and makes me smile when I wear it.  It was sweet of them. 

::  Cadbury mini eggs.  In stores now. Again with the yum!

I'm seriously blessed.  Thanks (a wee bit early) February for all of your goodness.  I hope March can match it!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Roses and Fabric: The Stuff Happiness is Made Of

My Valentine's Day was great!  Overall, I'm not a big advocate for celebrating the day.  I like unscripted romance.  Plus as someone who didn't have a Valentine for many years, I spent many a day without roses and chocolate.  But, the manfriend is a big fan, which is super sweet.  So there were roses and chocolates.  Much appreciated by me!  And, he liked the scavenger hunt for his gifts.  I also got some valentines from some good colleagues....

The other blessing currently is a long weekend.  I had a couple of vacation days I needed to take so I've been hanging out at home and taking care of a few tasks.  One of them has been playing around with some of the editing apps for my iPhone.  The below photo was one I edited the other day.  I tried to take pictures of Rosy but it turns out I'm a more still model than her!  Thank goodness for being able to turn the camera around on the phone.  Anywho, it's fun to have a little better idea of what my apps can do. 
 I've also been doing some sewing.  I've had this fabric for a while.  And I've been pretty dissatisfied with the quilt hanging over my ugly electrical panel in the living room.  (Really, the molding frame around it doesn't make it prettier, management company!)  So I figured I'd get to work on sewing up something new.
 I cut a bunch of 6x6" squares and put together the top below.  I like it but am not 100% sure it's the right thing for my wall.  Once it's quilted, I might decide it should just be a little topper for my kitchen table.  Right now, I don't have enough batting to work on it so it's sitting in my "to be quilted" pile. 
iPhone photo - sorry for the slight fuzziness!
 I think I'll like it once finished!!  I purchased some batting online because this week is simply too crazy to get to the store to get some.

I also purchased some fabric yesterday.  I think I'm making a mini quilt for a friend and bought some fabric that I think will be perfect.  I'm looking forward to that package arriving.  It's been too long since I got a package of fabric happiness! 
Lastly, a photo of my freshly groomed girl.  (She does kind of pose for me sometimes!)  It's been nice to have the last couple of days off to spend time with her.  She's such a delightful little companion! 

Hope you are having a happy week too!  Off now to think about my Pinterest inspired dinner! 

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Love is in the Air

I've been spoiling the manfriend with a "month of love." When he was out of town the first weekend of the month, I went and covered his door with paper hearts and a calendar with love quotes. Last week, I sent him a Cheryl and Co cookie in the mail. Tomorrow I have a few gifts for him and a scavenger hunt for him to get to find them all. I think I might come up with another little something for the end of the month too.

The good news is he spoils me too. Tomorrow we're going out to dinner at my favorite restaurant in Philly. Today, I got 18 long stem lovelies at work. I feel so blessed.

Happy Valentine's Day to you!!!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Valentine Crafting

I've been doing a little Valentines crafting.  Oh, it feels so good to have the sewing machine out again!!  First, I made this little heart to hang on the inside of my apartment door.  It's always nice to have a little something on the back of the door. 
 Then, I decided some Valentine's bunting was in order.  I went through my pink scraps and put together this little lovely.  It's hanging in the hallway between my living room and bedroom.  So fun!!  It still kind of surprises me to see it there! 
Then today, I made this little cosmetics bag (or something.... not sure what I'm going to use it for!).  I love the pocket.  I used laminated fabric for the inside of the bag and pocket. 
 And last, a gratuitous shot of my girl.  Rosy got a Valentine today from my friend's pit bulls Kayla and Reggie.  It's rawhide.  She chewed it, rolled on it, licked it and left it for more love later on. 
Happy (almost) Valentine's Day! 

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Life, Movies and New Jewelry

January is my busy month at work.  Or at least the craziest, as I guess most months September through April are busy.  Anywho, the crazy period has (mostly) ended and I'm getting back to my normal routine.  I actually got home tonight at 5:40! 
A note of thanks from my students
So not too much crafting going on around here right now.... although I did play with spray paint the other day.  I had an old grapevine wreath that is now gold.  I'm thinking a pretty little St. Patty's decoration for my front door.  The only "problem?"  I'll have to go to the craft store to find the right things to go on it.  (Tragic, I know!)
Tug of war with my favorite pup

Flowers from my mama - lucky me!
 I have managed to have a little fun lately.  My friend's son turned one last week and I got to go to the party this past weekend.  I took a bunch of photos (okay, over 300!) for them including some of my friends and I playing with the tunnels and tents.  And the cake.... let me tell you that cake was crazy good.  Yum. 
 I also had another birthday party, for a friend who is slightly older than one, this past weekend.  It was out at a local BYO.  (Philly is a BYOB town.... kind of awesome!) The short rib was a-maz-ing.  And it was so nice to celebrate my friend! 
 Speaking of that cake, I hit up the bakery that made it on Monday after manfriend and I saw Silver Linings Playbook.  The cupcake above decided it needed to come home with me.  I'm so glad it did!! 

And have you seen the movie?  It was good!  And Bradley Cooper is easy on the eyes.  I think the only Oscar contender I still need and want to see in Zero Dark Thirty. 
Last up, my "I survived my crazy time at work" gift to myself.... this ring from Kate Spade.  I kind of love it!!  A happy addition to my accessory closet! 

How are you doing?

Monday, January 7, 2013

Is There Such a Thing as Too Much Artichoke?

As I mentioned, my friends were coming over this past weekend.  Everyone was planning to bring something but I was making the main dish, a artichoke, spinach and goat cheese strata.  I kind of love this recipe.  It's easy, relatively healthy and delicious. 
 The tweaks I would make, should I cook it again are:
  • a little less bread
  • more spinach
  • sauteed mushrooms
  • more goat cheese.
I think it was a hit.  And boy, did we have a blast.  I don't know the last time I laughed that much.  We just talked and then played my new game, The Game of Things.  I'm so blessed to have delightful women to call friends. 

How was your weekend?  

Friday, January 4, 2013

Cupcakes, Friends and Good Food

How is it that things feel so crazy yet I really don't know that I have anything to show for it?  We've had a group of students that we've had to move at work.  That on top of my already crazy busy work January means I've been feeling like the plate is full.  Luckily, this weekend does not have too much packed into it.  Tomorrow, my friends are coming over for dinner and a post-holiday gift steal.  I got a great deal on four holiday plates at Crate and Barrel so that's what I'm contributing.  Our limit was $15 and they were $15.80.  And they are lovely!!  I'm hoping they are a hot item tomorrow!  I'm planning on cooking this strata for dinner.  Serious yum I think.... I'll report back! 

Along the lines of serious yum, I went to a cupcake class last night.  It was fun but different than I expected.  The group made mudslide cupcakes with a Kahlua ganash and an Irish creme frosting.  I got to go home with four mini cupcakes.  (I'm down to 2 already.  Two minis equal one regular, right?) Sadly, there was not unlimited frosting... 
Oh, and they encouraged people to bring wine to this.  (Yeah, like I need encouragement.)  It was a great time with my friend Jen and I'm so glad she asked me. 

Oh, and a wee bit of crafting news.... I have been working on a cowl.  I knit the whole thing and then decided I didn't like it.  So after the fun of frogging, I am knitting it again. I'm about half done and hope to have something to show you soon. 

Okay, I think I'm off to hunt for some artichokes!  Happy Weekend-ing folks!  

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Year Theme: 2013

I've been thinking about themes for 2013 and reflecting on the theme for 2012. As you might remember, the 2012 theme was "Inspire."  I think I did an okay job with that.... it was all about being inspired and inspiring.  I was inspired by: nature, love, friendship, travel, family, the creativity of others, the smile from a stranger on the street and so much more.  I hope I was able to inspire others at time - my students, my friends, family members, and random people I've met along the way. 
Ted and me on New Year's Eve.
As for 2013, I've decided to go with the theme of CELEBRATE.  I translate that to mean the following:

Enjoy the now. Appreciate your blessings. Be inspired by big and small things. Love. See the sunshine in every situation. Smile more. Celebrate. In every way.

And so I hope to appreciate all of the little things I can celebrate.... clean sheets at the end of a busy day, sunshine after 2 days of rain, time with my love, a friendly greeting from a stranger on the street and so many other little bits of goodness.   

What will you celebrate in 2013?  And do you have your own theme for the year?