Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Year Theme: 2013

I've been thinking about themes for 2013 and reflecting on the theme for 2012. As you might remember, the 2012 theme was "Inspire."  I think I did an okay job with that.... it was all about being inspired and inspiring.  I was inspired by: nature, love, friendship, travel, family, the creativity of others, the smile from a stranger on the street and so much more.  I hope I was able to inspire others at time - my students, my friends, family members, and random people I've met along the way. 
Ted and me on New Year's Eve.
As for 2013, I've decided to go with the theme of CELEBRATE.  I translate that to mean the following:

Enjoy the now. Appreciate your blessings. Be inspired by big and small things. Love. See the sunshine in every situation. Smile more. Celebrate. In every way.

And so I hope to appreciate all of the little things I can celebrate.... clean sheets at the end of a busy day, sunshine after 2 days of rain, time with my love, a friendly greeting from a stranger on the street and so many other little bits of goodness.   

What will you celebrate in 2013?  And do you have your own theme for the year? 

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Maria Rose said...

We haven't settled on a theme for the year, but yours is great!