Friday, February 22, 2013

Loving Life

Yep, that's what I'm doing!!  This has been a busy month with a few work related trips and some general fun.  

:: A trip for work that afforded me the chance to visit my stepsister in Pittsburgh.   It's always to good to spend time with family.  

:: Taxes filed.  I know this wouldn't qualify as "loving life" for some but I do so enjoy getting this responsibility done early and filed. 

:: A trip to one of my favorite conferences with a great colleague and some awesome students.  

:: Valentine's Day with my love.

:: Brunch with my good friend Pam.  She's good for keeping my head on straight.  Plus, brunch was Crab Cakes Benedict.  Yum!  

:: A lovely gift from my students.... a bracelet that shines and makes me smile when I wear it.  It was sweet of them. 

::  Cadbury mini eggs.  In stores now. Again with the yum!

I'm seriously blessed.  Thanks (a wee bit early) February for all of your goodness.  I hope March can match it!

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