Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Roses and Fabric: The Stuff Happiness is Made Of

My Valentine's Day was great!  Overall, I'm not a big advocate for celebrating the day.  I like unscripted romance.  Plus as someone who didn't have a Valentine for many years, I spent many a day without roses and chocolate.  But, the manfriend is a big fan, which is super sweet.  So there were roses and chocolates.  Much appreciated by me!  And, he liked the scavenger hunt for his gifts.  I also got some valentines from some good colleagues....

The other blessing currently is a long weekend.  I had a couple of vacation days I needed to take so I've been hanging out at home and taking care of a few tasks.  One of them has been playing around with some of the editing apps for my iPhone.  The below photo was one I edited the other day.  I tried to take pictures of Rosy but it turns out I'm a more still model than her!  Thank goodness for being able to turn the camera around on the phone.  Anywho, it's fun to have a little better idea of what my apps can do. 
 I've also been doing some sewing.  I've had this fabric for a while.  And I've been pretty dissatisfied with the quilt hanging over my ugly electrical panel in the living room.  (Really, the molding frame around it doesn't make it prettier, management company!)  So I figured I'd get to work on sewing up something new.
 I cut a bunch of 6x6" squares and put together the top below.  I like it but am not 100% sure it's the right thing for my wall.  Once it's quilted, I might decide it should just be a little topper for my kitchen table.  Right now, I don't have enough batting to work on it so it's sitting in my "to be quilted" pile. 
iPhone photo - sorry for the slight fuzziness!
 I think I'll like it once finished!!  I purchased some batting online because this week is simply too crazy to get to the store to get some.

I also purchased some fabric yesterday.  I think I'm making a mini quilt for a friend and bought some fabric that I think will be perfect.  I'm looking forward to that package arriving.  It's been too long since I got a package of fabric happiness! 
Lastly, a photo of my freshly groomed girl.  (She does kind of pose for me sometimes!)  It's been nice to have the last couple of days off to spend time with her.  She's such a delightful little companion! 

Hope you are having a happy week too!  Off now to think about my Pinterest inspired dinner!