Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Valentine Crafting

I've been doing a little Valentines crafting.  Oh, it feels so good to have the sewing machine out again!!  First, I made this little heart to hang on the inside of my apartment door.  It's always nice to have a little something on the back of the door. 
 Then, I decided some Valentine's bunting was in order.  I went through my pink scraps and put together this little lovely.  It's hanging in the hallway between my living room and bedroom.  So fun!!  It still kind of surprises me to see it there! 
Then today, I made this little cosmetics bag (or something.... not sure what I'm going to use it for!).  I love the pocket.  I used laminated fabric for the inside of the bag and pocket. 
 And last, a gratuitous shot of my girl.  Rosy got a Valentine today from my friend's pit bulls Kayla and Reggie.  It's rawhide.  She chewed it, rolled on it, licked it and left it for more love later on. 
Happy (almost) Valentine's Day! 


Laura said...

Rosy is so sweet, as always.

I love your bunting and cosmetics bag. It's nice to see you sewing again!

Gloria said...

Love the bag with the clever pocket. The other things are adorable too. Glad you had fun.