Saturday, January 11, 2014

Bathroom Success

Well, we have just about finished the bathroom!!  The electrician came on Friday and finished putting up the ceiling fan and installing outlets. I'm easily made happy I guess... we have 3 switches inside the door.  One for the light above the vanity, one for the ceiling fan and one for the light in the ceiling fan.  I feel so fancy!   

Today, we put up the towel bars, hook, and toilet paper holder.  For the shower, we used my old shower curtain rather than buying a new one.  We couldn't quite agree on one anyway.  And after all the costs, it's nice to save a bit on a curtain.
I've organized the linen cabinet and vanity.  I might have gone a bit overboard with organizing it.  I blame the label maker I got for Christmas.  Give a girl a new organizational toy and she'll try to find a way to use it!!  It feels good to have all of the bathroom stuff put away. 
We also put up a picture that is dear to my family.  This picture was painted for the family when my stepfather passed away.  I like that I'll be able to look at it everyday and think about him.
Yep, it's good to have a new and improved bathroom!  The only things left are a light fixture above the vanity and handles for the vanity and linen cabinet.  Those are things we can do without for a short bit.  

Now, work can continue on the kitchen.  Oh, slowly but surely it's all coming together! 


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Levi Eslinger said...

Congratulations, Stacy! Finally the long wait is over, and the bathroom is done. A house remodeling project can be overwhelming, particularly when it comes to the bathroom and the kitchen since you have to deal with the plumbing. But seeing improvements like this make the experience all worth it!

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