Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Brrr, It's Cold in Here!

I had to quote Bring it On.... it's just mandatory today!  Like so much of the US, it's very cold here today.  It was about 6 degrees F (-14 C) this morning. The wind has been whipping about all day.  I was feeling under the weather this morning (stomach bug I think) and thus have been home all day.  I'm feeling better now but are not in any hurry to go outside or do much of anything. 

Rosy has been extra cuddly.  I'm not sure if it's the cold or the fact that she senses life is changing for her (she's been a bit more needy for a while).  I'm so interested to see how she handles a little one joining the pack.  I think she will be protective.  It's kind of her nature to be sweet and loving.  And I think she'll lick the little one a lot!  I think licking is how she hugs.  It's so fun to think about how she'll be!!  Today, she laid with her head on my stomach for a bit.  The boy kicked her in the head a few times but no movement.  So strange to me! 
Our bathroom is one more step towards completion.  The linen cabinet and vanity were installed yesterday.  Unfortunately, the plumber got backed up with other calls yesterday so no faucet yet but that should be done by tomorrow.  I'm antsy for them to reinstall the radiator too (brrr, this weather isn't making it warm in there!).  We are also waiting on the electrician to install a few additional outlets and the fan unit.  The last thing will be the cabinet hardware and towel bars!  And I can't wait to put the final little touches together.  I've been taking photos along the way (or Ted has) so expect a Flipagram once everything is done!! 

Hope, wherever you are, you are staying warm and enjoying life! 

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