Friday, January 3, 2014


Out and about this morning in the snow and cold
There is so much going on in these parts.  Luckily, I had a snow (actually, cold!) day today so I was able to get a few things accomplished.  The biggest of which was having our bathroom cabinets and sink top delivered.  Because planning a wedding and having a baby weren't enough for my love and me, we have decided to remodel the bathroom and kitchen this year.  Really, it was necessary due to a leak in the water line going into the bathroom.  And the kitchen on our home was quite old (metal cabinets people). 

The bathroom project started just before Thanksgiving.  They took the room down to the studs and even took out some of the sub floor and installed new.  Just after the holiday, they finished the walls, floor, tub and toilet install.  But then we were in a holding pattern waiting for the cabinets and sink to arrive.  Today was the day!!  Monday should be install day.  I can't wait to have a sink again.  I can't wait to organize the space (with my Christmas gift, a label maker.... yes, I might geek out).  And this woman is certainly looking forward to not bending her 6 month along body washing her hands in the tub. 

And, we're hoping to talk on Monday about the kitchen.  That's a project that will be going to the studs too.  And we're hoping to take out most of the wall between the kitchen and dining room so we have a more open floor plan.  I can't wait to have a working kitchen again.  The one in this house hasn't really been since I moved in this past May.  As a cook and baker, it's been tough.  But it will be worth it in the end.  (Yes, that's a mantra.)

Pictures will be shared here as things are completed (or almost completed because sometimes you just can't wait!)!  

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Maria Rose said...

Can't wait to see the end result!