Thursday, January 9, 2014

Sinks: Because They Are Important

Well, yesterday the plumber installed the sink and faucet in the bathroom.  And then they ripped out our kitchen sink and walls.  We gained a sink and we lost a sink all within a few hours.  The kitchen is down to the studs right now.  The electrician is coming tomorrow to wire things in both rooms: final wiring in the bathroom including the fan and initial wiring in the kitchen for lights and outlets.  Then we add drywall and flooring.  Ever so slowly we're getting there!  I'm mentally organizing and decorating the kitchen.  I know what color I want.  Okay, I'm planning a bit of it around my red Kitchen Aid mixer and casserole dish.  But why not?

And I am actively organizing the bathroom.  At this point, if I were my love I'd regret buying me a label maker for Christmas.  But oh thank goodness, I'm glad to have somewhere to organize!!  It feels so good to make the cabinets look pretty and feel like everything has a place.  With my home torn apart in other places, it's good to have everything put together there. 

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